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Association data for object NGC 2403:[HK83] 385

1 associations found in NED.

No.Associated Object Dist. ('')PA (deg) rlog (p)
1. NVSS J073639+653424 49.23 338 4.64 3.11

The table above identifies one or more sources in the vicinity of the queried object that may be the same object. The NED Team has yet to consider these objects in detail but are providing here the preliminary associations for your information. As time permits these "possible identifications" will be worked off. In most cases associated objects will eventually be replaced by a firm cross-identification between two objects or they will be reclassified securely as unique objects. However, in some cases sufficient information may not be available to firmly establish or rule out a firm cross-identification.

NOTES: Dist. is the distance in arcseconds to the Associated Object. PA is the position angle, measured in degrees east of north, of the Associated Object as seen from the queried object NGC 2403:[HK83] 385. r and p are dimensionless parameters that represent the "goodness of fit" of the positional uncertainty ellipses of an input object and a nearby NED object. An association with r < 2.0 or with log (p) > 6.0 can be taken as a statistically valid position-based identification of those same two objects.To interpret these parameters in detail, please view the Help.

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