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Notes for object UGCA 086

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1. 2007AJ....133..715W
Re:UGCA 086
UGCA 86.-Nearby galaxy (Karachentsev et al. 2003). Not faint; included because
of resolution on the survey plate. Significant areas of H{alpha}emission.

2. 2006AJ....131.1361K
Re:UGCA 086
UGCA 86: This Magellanic-type irregular galaxy with a prominent region of
star formation (VII Zw 9) at its southern side has been imaged with WFPC2
by Karachentsev et al. (2003a); however, the former observations yield
only the lower limit of its distance, D > 2.2 Mpc. Our present distance
estimate, 2.96 Mpc, confirms the suggestion that UGCA 86 is a companion
to the giant spiral IC 342 situated at a distance of 3.28 Mpc
(Saha et al. 2002).

3. 1999ApJS..124...33B
Re:UGCA 086
This dwarf galaxy, shown in Figure 20, has a faint nucleus
and an unusual detached, cometary component on the south side.
On the sky, it is only 94 southeast of IC 342. It was discovered
independently of Nilson (1974) by Rots (1979) and by R. B. Tully
(1979, private communication to Rots) during 21 cm surveys of the
IC 342 area. The cometary component is also cataloged as VII Zw 009.
Rots proved that it was a rotating dwarf irregular galaxy, possibly
interacting tidally with IC 342.

4. 1994AJ....107.1328v
Re:UGCA 086
Sahay & Hoessel (1991) have suggested that this irregular resolved
galaxy might be a member of the local Group. However, Kraan-Korteweg &
Tammann (1979) assign this object to their B1 group, which also contains
IC 342 and Maffei I. From the magnitudes of resolved stars Karachentsev &
Tikhonov (1993) estimate a distance of 1.9 Mpc. The position of UGC-A86
in the V_sun_ versus cos{theta} diagram also shows that this galaxy is
not a local Group member. Its observed radial velocity is, however,
consistent with the assumption that it is a companion to IC 342, from
which it is separated by only 1.6^deg^.

5. 1974UGCA..C...0000N
Re:UGCA 086
UGCA 086:
several diffuse regions visible on red POSS; probably connected;
intragalactic object?

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