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Notes for object NGC 1550

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1. 2009ApJ...693.1142S
Re:NGC 1550
NGC 1550 was examined by Sun et al. (2003), with two ACIS-I observations. Now
with two additional longer ACIS-S exposures in the offset positions, the gas
properties in this system can be constrained much better. NGC 1550's temperature
profile is among the best determined for 1 keV groups, with the good Chandra
coverage. We can compare our results with those from G07 who analyzed two short
ACIS-I observations and an XMM-Newton observation. The temperature profiles
agree well, although we constrain the temperature to larger radii from the
ACIS-S observations. Our r_500_ and M_500_ are 10% and 50% higher than those
derived by G07. Our c_500_ (4.93^+0.50^_-0.46_) is smaller than G07's (9.0 +/-

2. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 03012
Paired with 04 17.1 +02 14 = IC 366 at 3.2, 162, 0.35 x 0.22, E:, m=15.6

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