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Notes for object NGC 5447

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1. 2004MNRAS.349..404J
Re:CXOU J140228.3+541626
6.4 XMM-4 This source is located in the giant H II complex NGC 5447 in a
spiral arm of M101. Wang et al. (1999) originally classed it an XRB,
based on the hard spectral shape implied by the ROSAT PSPC harness
ratios. This source was detected in the short second Chandra
observation, although it has too few counts for spectral fitting. This
source has brightened considerably (factor of ~3) in the XMM-Newton
observation (L_X_= 1.3 x 10^39^ erg s^-1^), and its spectra are best
fitted with absorbed DISKBB model with a high disc temperature (T _in_=
1.0 keV), again similar to the ULXs measured by Makishima et
al. (2000). Both the short-term XMM-Newton and long-term light curves
show evidence of variability; this coupled with its spectral shape leads
us to conclude that the emission is due to an XRB embedded in the H II

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