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Notes for object ABELL 1763

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1. 2008ApJS..174..117M
Re:ABELL 1763
A1763.-An extended source at {alpha}[2000.0] =
13^h^34^m^53.21^s^,{delta}[2000.0] = +40^deg^56'55.34", 326" (1.2 Mpc; ~R_500_)
from the cluster core, was manually excluded.

2. 2007MNRAS.376.1073Z
Re:ABELL 1763
Abell 1763. Cooray et al. (1998) present point source measurements at 28.5 GHz
for this cluster. Abell 1763 has been detected in a number of X-ray surveys.

3. 2005MNRAS.359..417S
Re:ABELL 1763
A1763 - This cluster is similar to A 209 in that there are no confirmed
multiple-image systems and the weak-shear signal is relatively low (Table
3). We therefore fit a model that contains the velocity dispersion of the
(single) cluster-scale mass component as the only free parameter. Overall,
this simple model is an acceptable fit to the global weak-shear signal;
however, it fails to reproduce the large observed shear signal to the west
of the central galaxy (Fig. 1). Weinterpret these residuals as a signature
of substructure in this cluster, indicating that the mass distribution may
be more complex than a single cluster-scale mass plus galaxies.
Unfortunately, the weakshear signal is not strong enough to place any
further constraints on this cluster at this time.

4. 2002ApJS..139..313D
Re:ABELL 1763
5.21. A1763 The cluster center is well defined and dominated by a cD
galaxy. The peak in the mass distribution is situated at the position
of the central cD galaxy. The mass, light, and number density
distributions all give the appearance of a relaxed system.

5. 1999MNRAS.306..857C
Re:ABELL 1763
The observed galaxy is associated with the radio source 4C+41.26.

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