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Notes for object ESO 252- GA018

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1. 2008ApJ...673...96A
Pictor A is a radio-loud Seyfert 1 galaxy initially detected in X-ray by the
Einstein observatory (Elvis et al. 1992). The best fit to ASCA and BAT data is
an absorbed power-law model with a photon index of 1.8^+0.02^_-0.02_ and
intrinsic absorption of 1.4^+0.01^_-0.05_ x 10^21^ atoms cm^-2^ slightly in
excess of the Galactic one (4 x 10^20^ atoms cm^-2^).

2. 2002ApJS..140..143B
q0518-4549, z = 0.0351.-PKS, Pictor A. This is a well-studied
low-redshift radio galaxy. G270, G190, G130.

3. 1998MNRAS.297..579C
Pictor A. This is an FRII broad-line radio galaxy with a strong double-lobed
radio source oriented along the east-west direction (Christiansen et al. 1977).
Halpern & Eracleous (1994) detected double-peaked Balmer lines, not present in
previous spectra. The Ws and continuum ratios (Fig. 32) show a strong dilution
by the FC at the nucleus. Their values correspond to an S4 template in the
outer regions. except for the G band, where the values are similar to those of
an S1 template in the outer regions. The remarks about the uncertain
continuum and W measurements in the nucleus of MCG-02-33-034 also apply to
Pictor A.

4. 1992ApJS...80..137J
Re:MRC 0518-458
Complex source, Pictor A, an edge-brightened double (the
west hotspot prominent) with a core component. Models fitted by
Ekers (1969) and SSM. Mapped by Gardner &
Whiteoak (1971), SM, Schwartz et al. (1974), Slee (1977) and Christiansen
et al. (1977).
Galaxy 16.5 m at 05 18 23.59 -45 49 42.5,
40 arcsec from the centroid and 15 arcsec west from the central peak. This
is the same as the faint 19 m ID of Bolton et al. (1964) but our
brighter magnitude is supported by V = 15.77 of Westerlund & Wall (1969).
z = 0.0350, Schmidt (1965).

5. 1985SGC...C...0000C
Re:[RC2] A0518-45
Plate 2715
Overexposed center, extremely faint patchy (R'): 0.9: x 0.7:. In a group.

6. 1982ESOU..C...0000L
Re:ESO 051824-4549.8
=ESO 252- GA18
strong radio source

7. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:[RC2] A0518-45
= Pictor A
Description and Classification:
Ap. J., 140, 35, 1964.
Radio Observations:
A.J., 71, 927, 1966.
Ap. J., 147, 24, 1967.

8. 1964ApJ...140...35M
Re:Pictor A
No. 16.-Form classified on direct photograph from Mount Stromlo 74-inch plate
taken by W. Tifft. Probably in poor clustering.

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