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Notes for object ABELL 0267

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1. 2005MNRAS.359..417S
Re:ABELL 0267
A 267 - The important difference between this cluster and A 209 is that it
contains a candidate multiple-image pair (E2a/b). In addition to
constraining the central velocity dispersion ({sigma}_0_) and core radius
(r_core_) for the central cluster-scale mass component we therefore use
this image pair to constrain the shape of the cluster potential.

2. 2005ApJ...624..606J
Re:ABELL 0267
A267 (z = 0.23): A267 appears to be a disturbed, single-component cluster. Its
core is very elliptical, offset from the center, and twists from being extended
in the northeast-southwest direction to extending south. The cluster as a whole
is also extended in the northeast-southwest direction. A smaller extended
source appears 2 Mpc east of the cluster. There were three observations of this
cluster in the archive, but one was very short, and another had a high
background count rate. We used only the longest observation.

3. 2002ApJS..139..313D
Re:ABELL 0267
5.5. A267 This cluster appears as a relaxed system, with a center
dominated by a giant cD galaxy. The peaks in the mass, light,
and number density distributions are all very well aligned with
this galaxy. A bright arc candidate is visible about 18"
north-northwest of the cD galaxy. A foreground cluster
identified by Bade et al. (1998), RX J0153.2+0102, is centered
around {alpha} = 01h53m15s,{delta} = 1deg02.5', near the southern
end of chip 4, and is responsible for the second highest peak in the
predicted {kappa} map shown in Figure 9. The redshift of
RX J0153.2+0102 is currently unknown.

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