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Notes for object ABELL 0399

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1. 1997ApJ...482...41G
Re:ABELL 0399
ABELL 0399-0401.-This is a bimodal system, with the two populations
(MS1 = A401; MS2 = A399) slightly overlapping but separated in velocity by
almost 700 km s^-1^. There are no further substructures. The separation
of A399 and A401 is considerably difficult because the clusters are
fairly close together in radial velocity (see, e.g., Oegerle & Hill 1994;
Girardi et al. 1996). The two-body model confirms that these two clusters
are probably gravitationally bound (see also Oegerle & Hill 1994). Some
evidence that A401 is a multiple cluster comes from Slezak et al. (1994).
Recent results by Fujita et al. (1996), based on X-ray data, suggest that
these clusters are really interacting but that the interaction is not
strong at present; however, they cannot exclude the possibility that
there was a past first encounter. As a possible sign of a substructure,
we find that the cD galaxy in the A401 cluster has a relevant peculiar

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