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Notes for object ABELL 1068

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2002ApJ...576..688B
Re:ABELL 1068
A1068.-Only a 2 {sigma} evidence of soft excess in the regions
surrounding the cluster core is evident from our observation.

2. 1999AstL...25..380G
Re:ABELL 1068
A1068. The radio source A1068.1, which identified with a cD galaxy, and
the radio source A1068.2, which is identified with its companion, are
cluster members. The radio sources A1068.4 and A1068.5, which resemble
HT radio galaxies, are probably also in the cluster. The radio source
A1068.6, which was identified with a weak object, may lie in the
cluster. The coordinates of the field centers for the extended radio
sources in the figure are 10^h^40^m^44.30^s^, +39^deg^57'10.4" for
A1068.1-2; 10^h^40^m^44.54^s^, +39^deg^54'54.2" for A1068.4;
10^h^40^m^28.86^s^, +40^deg^00'03.3" for A1068.5-6;
10^h^40^m^19.444^s^, +39^deg^55'29.67" for A1068.7; and
10^h^41^m^40.29^s^, +39^deg^40'18.8" for A1068.17.

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