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Notes for object ABELL 1351

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2002ApJS..139..313D
Re:ABELL 1351
5.14. A1351 A1351 has an elongated luminosity distribution indicating
a possible ongoing merger. Other evidence for this comes from
the unusually high velocity dispersion of 1680 km s^-1^ measured
by R. J. Irgens et al. (2002, in preparation) and the presence
of a bright red gravitational arc offset from the cluster light
center. A1351 appears to be the most massive of the clusters
observed with the UH8K, and it gives the most significant
zero-lag peak (13 {sigma}) resulting from a two dimensional
cross-correlation of the mass and light distributions in the
field (H. Dahle et al. 2002c, in preparation). The position and
position angle of the peak in the mass distribution both
closely match the light and number density distributions in
this field. A possible mass filament appears to extend from the
cluster center toward the southeast.

2. 1990ApJ...365...66H
Re:ABELL 1351
Given cluster redshift is the average of three fairly well separated
redshifts (8000 km s^-1^); cluster needs more work.

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