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Notes for object ABELL 1682

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1. 2008ApJS..174..117M
Re:ABELL 1682
A1682.-This cluster is part of a large-scale filament comprising at least two
other extended X-ray sources at the cluster redshift. These sources are at
{alpha}[2000.0]=13^h^06^m^58.52^s^,{delta}[2000.0]= +46^deg^31'37.5", and
{alpha}[2000.0]=13^h^07^m^13.33^s^,{delta}[2000.0]= +46^deg^29'08.4". , and are
145" (0.5 Mpc) and 227" (0.8 Mpc) south east of the cluster core, respectively.
These sources were manually excluded for the current analysis. Furthermore, the
only ACIS-I observation of this cluster was affected by long, low level flares
causing the background spectrum to differ significantly from the blank-sky
background. For this reason, a local background was used for the spectral

2. 2002ApJS..139..313D
Re:ABELL 1682
5.17. A1682 This cluster appears very rich in the optical images.
The light in the cluster center is dominated by two bright
elliptical galaxies, but there is also an additional dense
concentration of galaxies about 2' southeast of the two bright
ellipticals. The binary nature of this cluster is also evident in the
mass map (Fig. 28), which shows one peak located between the two
bright E galaxies and a second peak which closely coincides with
the dominant peak in the galaxy number density distribution.

3. 1999MNRAS.306..857C
Re:ABELL 1682
The two galaxies are equally dominant.

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