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Notes for object ABELL 1689

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2007MNRAS.376.1073Z
Re:ABELL 1689
Abell 1689. Our map of Abell 1689 exhibits a great deal of extended submm
emission around the expected centroid of SZ effect emission, which is best
explained as a submm image of the cluster's SZ effect. This cluster has been a
very popular target for SZ effect measurements, including SuZIE II (Benson et
al. 2004) and OVRO/BIMA at the SZ decrement (Holzapfel et al. 1997; Grego et al.
2001; Reese et al. 2002; LaRoque et al. 2006). Cooray et al. (1998) discuss
point sources at 30 GHz.

2. 2002ApJ...576..688B
Re:ABELL 1689
A1689. This cluster has no clear evidence of soft excess emission.

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