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Notes for object ABELL 1991

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1. 2010A&A...511A..15L
Re:Abell 1991
Sharma et al. (2004) analysed XMM-Newton data and detected an asymmetric surface
brightness distribution with respect to the central galaxy. These authors
detected bright knots of soft X-ray emission embedded in a cometary structure
located north of the optical centre of the cD galaxy. According to these
authors, the knots have no obvious association with the radio source.

2. 2009ApJ...693.1142S
Re:ABELL 1991
A1991 was also studied by V05 and V06. Our derived system properties at r_500_
and r_2500_ agree very well with those of V05 and V06. The temperature decline
at large radii in this system was also found from the XMM-Newton data by Snowden
et al. (2008) with consistent values.

3. 2008ApJ...687..899R
Re:ABELL 1991
A1991.-As with A1795, the long-wavelength images were affected by scattered
light, requiring masking, and the seeing was poor. McNamara & O'Connell (1989)
report spectral evidence for a small SFR, and McNamara & O'Connell (1992) report
a positive U - I color gradient in the core.

4. 2002ApJ...576..688B
Re:ABELL 1991
A1991. There is evidence of excess absorption in the center
and marginal soft excess in the outskirts of this X-ray-faint cluster.

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