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Notes for object ABELL 2029

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1. 2006MNRAS.372.1496S
Re:ABELL 2029
5.18 Abell 2029 - Another well-studied CC cluster which possesses a cold front
(Markevitch et al. 2003).

2. 2006ApJ...643..730D
Re:Abell 2029
Abell 2029 occupies a unique niche in our sample because it alone has no trace
of an optical emission line nebula, but it is still a luminous radio source. Its
X-ray image is remarkably smooth, exhibiting little of the structure seen in
some of its sister cool core clusters. Therefore, it has been a textbook example
for the quest to determine the self-interaction cross section of dark matter by
fitting dark matter potentials to the enclosed mass inferred from X-ray data
(e.g., Lewis et al. 2003).
The work of Lewis et al. (2002, 2003) on Chandra observations of Abell 2029
adopts the APEC spectral model within XSPEC and fixes N_H_ to the Galactic
value. Our projected and deprojected temperature fits, along with our
metallicities agree with that group's analysis. Our temperature fits
confirm the flattening of the temperature profile inside of 18"
found by Lewis et al. (2003).

3. 2004ApJ...608..166N
Re:ABELL 2029
A2029. The MECS data of an AGN, QSO J1511+057, 8' off-axis, constrain
the reference model, yielding a PDS estimate of 0.2^+0.1^_-0.1_10^-2^
counts s^-1^. A Seyfert 1, JVAS B1509+054, is located at 29' off-axis
and is thus outside the MECS FOV. It is undetected in the PSPC, and the
upper limit of the statistical uncertainties allows 10% of the PDS
estimate of QSO J1511+057, which is negligible.

4. 2002ApJ...576..688B
Re:ABELL 2029
A2029. This X-ray bright and rich cluster shows evidence (at ~3-4
{sigma} level) of soft excess emission outside its central 100 kpc, at
level of 10%.

5. 2002ApJ...567..202E
Re:ABELL 2029
Abell 2029 contains a tailed radio source, PKS 1508+059. Arnaud (1985) and
Jones & Forman (1984) use Einstein data to estimate gas densities and
temperature. Recent radio data are presented by Taylor, Barton, & Ge (1994),
who also discuss the cluster magnetic field. This is a steep spectrum
source, {alpha} ~ 1.5 down to 80 MHz (Taylor et al. 1994). We use X-ray
deprojections from ES91, ESF92, and P98, and estimate the density close to
the radio source to be ~2 times the mean density in the inner (IPC, PSPC)
X-ray beam.

6. 1999MNRAS.306..857C
Re:ABELL 2029
The observed galaxy is associated with the radio source 4C+06.53.

7. 1998A&A...330..801P
Re:ABELL 2029
A2029 The HRI image of this cluster has been subject of controversy: filaments
were found by Sarazin et al. (1992 a,b). Subsequent analysis by Thompson &
Prestwich (1994) found it to be "consistent" with Poisson noise, as well as
White et al. (1994) who did not find substructures in the form of significant
departure from smooth elliptical isophotes. Our analysis, shows indeed a very
regular cluster and some indication of a non resolved structure at the very

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