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Notes for object ABELL 2065

3 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2008ApJ...687..899R
Re:ABELL 2065
A2065.-This cluster has two dominant galaxies. We have analyzed the southern
galaxy, which appears to be associated with the X-ray core (Chatzikos et al.

2. 2006A&A...450....9F
Re:ABELL 2065
A2065 - One group of galaxies in the external part of the cluster occurs at the
scale of {alpha} = 258 kpc.

3. 1999MNRAS.306..857C
Re:ABELL 2065
There are three galaxies along our chosen slit position; galaxy a is 52
arcsec to the NW, and galaxy c lies 21 arcsec to the SE of the much
less bright galaxy b. Galaxies a and c are both dominant galaxies.

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