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Notes for object ABELL 2147

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1. 2006MNRAS.372.1496S
Re:ABELL 2147
5.7 Abell 2147 - This cluster is composed of several clumps, with evidence of
luminosity segregation in the galaxies (Lugger 1989); it has thus been labelled
as a merger candidate in Table 1. It is interesting to note that the brightest
cluster galaxy for A2147 is not located at the centre of the cluster potential
(and X-ray peak) (Lugger 1989).
It was necessary to fix the absorbing column at the Galactic H I value, since
unfeasibly low values were obtained when it was left free to vary. The projected
T(r) data were used for the deprojection, to avoid strong fluctuations in the
recovered profile.

2. 2006A&A...450....9F
Re:ABELL 2147
A2147 - In this cluster two groups of galaxies occurs at the scale of
{alpha} = 375 kpc.

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