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Notes for object ABELL 2261

4 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2008ApJS..174..117M
Re:ABELL 2261
A2261.-An extended source at {delta}[2000.0] = 17^h^22^m^12.15^s^,
{delta}[2000.0] = +32^deg^06^'^54.0" , 200" (0.7 Mpc) from the cluster core, was
manually excluded.

2. 2007MNRAS.376.1073Z
Re:ABELL 2261
Abell 2261. The SCUBA integration time on this cluster is only about 1.5 h,
resulting in a shallow map. Chapman et al. (2002) have presented a previous
analysis of this submm data. The SZ effect has been measured both at the
decrement (Grego et al. 2000; Reese et al. 2002) and around the null (Benson et
al. 2003; Benson et al. 2004). Cooray et al. (1998) discuss point source
contamination near 30 GHz.

3. 2005ApJ...624..606J
Re:ABELL 2261
A2261 (z = 0.22): This cluster has a small secondary clump to the west of the
main cluster. This clump does not fall in the 0.5 Mpc aperture, and within the
aperture A2261 is very round and relaxed.

4. 2002ApJS..139..313D
Re:ABELL 2261
5.29. A2261 This cluster has a similar appearance to A586: the galaxy
light distribution is circularly symmetric, and the cluster
center is dominated by a bright cD galaxy. The mass and number
density distributions are both more elongated than the light
distribution, and they are both extended roughly in the same
direction, although the mass peak is offset by about 1'
northwest from the light and number density peaks. There is a
bright, thin blue arc southwest of the cD galaxy.

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