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Notes for object ABELL 2717

4 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2009ApJ...693.1142S
Re:ABELL 2717
A2717 was studied by Pratt & Arnaud (2005), G07 and Snowden et al. (2008) with
the XMM-Newton data. Our temperature profile is consistent with the profiles
derived by G07 and Snowden et al. (2008). Our derived r_500_ and M_500_ are
consistent with those derived by G07, while our c_500_ (2.15^+0.36^_-0.32_) is
close to G07's value, 3.0 +/- 0.2 and the result by Pratt & Arnaud (2005), 2.8
+/- 0.2 (converted from their c_200_ assuming an NFW profile).

2. 2002ApJ...576..688B
Re:ABELL 2717
A2717-There is no evidence of either excess emission or absorption in
this cluster.

3. 2001MNRAS.320...49K
Re:ABELL 2717
A2717: Obvious similarity of the primary cluster peak (<=0.4 h^-1^ Mpc),
but disparity on the secondary structure which is only distinct in the
optical image. Suspect of being affected by projection effects. Eight
X-ray and radio sources have been removed due to their point-like nature
(see also Slezak et al. 1994, Mohr et al. 1995, BT96 and G97).

4. 1997ApJ...482...41G
Re:ABELL 2717
This cluster contains a significant core structure (CS), slightly
foregrounded ({DELTA}V ~ -600 km s^-1^), which involves about 40% of the
whole population and contains the cD galaxy. This feature is responsible
for the asymmetry observed in the velocity distribution. The cD galaxy,
which has a peculiar velocity not with respect to the MS sample, but only
with respect to the C structure, confirms that this core is probably
dynamically perturbed.

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