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Notes for object ABELL 3376

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1. 2010A&A...511A..15L
Re:Abell 3376
This is a nearby ongoing merger cluster that was bserved by both Suzaku (Kawano
et al. 2008) and XMM-Newton (Bagchi et al. 2006). A non-thermal radio-emitting
structure at the outskirts of this cluster was identified by the latter authors.
They suggested that this structure probably traces the elusive shocks of
cosmological large-scale matter flows.

2. 2006A&A...450....9F
Re:ABELL 3376
A3376 - Two groups of galaxies at the scales of {alpha} = 188 kpc and
{alpha} = 129 kpc.

3. 2004ApJ...608..166N
Re:ABELL 3376
A3376. In the field there is a bright point source 1RX J060113.0-401643
at 06h01m32s, -40deg16'55.7", 18' off-axis. There is no information
available on its nature. MECS constraints on the spectral slope are
poor, but the data constrain well the normalization of the power-law
model when we fix the photon index to 1.8 +- 0.2. With this model, we
obtain a PDS estimate of 0.3 +- 0.1 x 10^-2^ counts s^-1^. A bright
source 24' off-axis coincides with QSO 1WGA J0600.5-3937 and source
PKS 0558-396. Using the MECS spectrum, we obtain a PDS estimate of
0.6 x 10^-2^ counts s^-1^. A Seyfert 1, J055850.3-403848, in A3376, 50'
off-axis, has a count rate much below the above sources and thus has no
effect on the combined estimate of 0.9^+0.3_-0.2_10^-2^ counts s^-1^,
~10% of the HXR emission.

4. 1997ApJ...482...41G
Re:ABELL 3376
This has a regular velocity distribution despite its irregular shape. The
central region appears elongated. The south part of this group appears
well coincident with the X-ray center; thus, we prefer to denominate it a
core structure, although it is probable that its north component may be a
real substructure. D88 found substructures less significant than 95%. The
substructures detected by E94 are not present in this analysis (see
Section 3.1).

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