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Notes for object IC 2166

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2008MNRAS.388..500E
Re:UGC 03463
UGC 3463 (KIG 168). Our H{alpha} map is in agreement with James et al. (2004)
but suffers from bad seeing conditions leading to the confusion of several H II
regions. Our rotation curve shows a bump at ~10 arcsec likely due to a bar. No H
I rotation curve is available. The width of the H I profile at 20 per cent (341
km s^-1^ from Springob et al. 2005 and 334 km s^-1^ from Bottinelli et al. 1990)
is in agreement with the amplitude of our H{alpha} velocity field, confirming
that the maximum velocity is reached before the optical radius D_25_/2.

2. 2007AJ....134.2286H
Re:KIG 0168
CIG 168: The galaxy was classified as SAB(s)bc (NED). It appears moderately
flocculent in the optical images with an elongated and red central region. The
composed JHK image also suggests an elongated central structure and only two
prominent arms. The (B - V) color corresponds to ScdSd types. We classify this
galaxy as SAB(s)cd. The photometric I- and JHK-band ({epsilon} and P.A.)
profiles do not show evidence of a bar.

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