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Notes for object Fornax Cluster

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1. 2002ApJ...576..688B
Fornax.-This is a poor and very nearby cluster (z = 0.0046). The deep
PSPC observation (53 ks) shows strong soft excess emission that reaches
a 50% importance (see also Rangarajan et al. 1995), with a radial trend
resembling closely that of Sersic 159-03 (Bonamente et al. 2001c),
although X-ray emission is detected out to a radial distance of only
~100 kps from the cluster's center.

2. 2001ApJS..137..139S
The Fornax Cluster. - Shanks (1997) quotes a Cepheid distance for
NGC 1365 of 18.4 Mpc. We adopt this distance for NGC 1317, NGC 1350, and
NGC 1386 as well. For NGC 1380, we adopt the surface brightness fluctuation
(SBF) distance reported by Hamuy et al. (1996).

3. 2000ApJS..128..431F
As for the Virgo Cluster, we follow previous studies of the Fornax
Cluster region rather than attempting a new classification. The Fornax
Cluster is not included in the N93 catalog. We consider as certain
members of the cluster all galaxies classified by T88 as belonging to
the Fornax Cluster plus the Eridanus Cloud (cloud 51), group -1. All of
these galaxies, with the exception of NGC 1316, are found in the core of
the cluster within a 2^deg^ x 2^deg^ region, and have systemic
velocities between 1350 and 1950 km s^-1^. To these galaxies we added
NGC 1373, NGC 1380A, and NGC 1380B, which are not included in the T88
catalog, but are found in the same confined region of phase space as
the rest of the galaxies. NGC 1316 is located 3.5^deg^ southwest of the
core and is classified as a true cluster member by T88. As a
consequence, we also classify NGC 1326A (not part of the T88 catalog)
as a true member, because it lies only half a degree away from NGC 1316,
and shares the same systemic velocity. All of the galaxies discussed
above are also listed as true members of the Fornax Cluster by Ferguson
(1989). ESO 358-G6, ESO 358-G59, IC 1919, NGC 1336, NGC 1339, NGC 1351,
and NGC 1419 are found between 2^deg^ and 3^deg^ from the core. T88
discusses only NGC 1339, and places it in group +2, first-level
association +1. However, Ferguson (1989) considers all of the above
galaxies as true members, and because we see no reason to isolate
NGC 1339 (which has a systemic velocity of ~ 1370 km s^-1^, very close
to the cluster mean), we classify all of the above galaxies as true
members. Likewise, IC 2006 and NGC 1366 are not discussed by either T88
or Ferguson (1989), although they are found within 3^deg^ of the cluster
core and have systemic velocities very typical for the cluster. NGC 1425
and NGC 1344 are 6^deg^ and 4.5^deg^ north of the core, respectively,
and are therefore not included in the Ferguson study (which is limited
to the inner 3.5^deg^ of the cluster). T88 places NGC 1425 in group -0,
first-level association +1, and NGC 1344 in group +2, first-level
association +1. Following the discussion in Mould et al. (2000b), we
list these galaxies as certain members of the Fornax Cluster. All the
galaxies mentioned above are within one Abell radius of the cluster
center (Giovanelli et al. 1997).

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