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Notes for object SN 1998aq

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1. 2007ApJ...671.1084S
Re:SN 1998aq
A2. SN 1998aq The earliest B datum is only ~1.2 mag below B_max_ . Fortunately,
Rie99b transformed three unfiltered additional points to the V band, including
one that is ~2.8 mag below B_max_. (Not independently, Rie99b transformed these
same points also to the B band; they are not used here, as the V filter more
closely matches the unfiltered passband.) Because two of the transformed V
points overlap well with two filtered V measurements, AQUAA was able to allow
the zero point of the unfiltered set to float freely; the fit is sensitive only
to their relative magnitudes. Nevertheless, the fitted zero point of the
unfiltered data is in excellent agreement with that assigned by Rie99b.

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