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Notes for object MACS J1532.8+3021

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1. 2005ApJ...624..606J
Re:RX J1532.9+3021
RX J1532.9+3021 (z = 0.35): Relaxed, slightly elliptical single cluster. There
is some very small scale extension in the core of this cluster. There were two
10 ks observations of RX J1532.9+3021, one with ACIS-I and one with ACIS-S. We
used only the ACIS-S observation, which appeared to have a higher net cluster
count rate.

2. 2002ApJS..139..313D
Re:RX J1532.9+3021
5.32. RXJ1532.9+3021 This cluster has a compact core with an
unusually blue brightest cluster galaxy in the center surrounded by
fainter, redder galaxies. The mass, light, and number density
distributions match each other very well both in morphology
and peak position. A second light peak toward northeast may be
associated with foreground galaxies, since there is no similar
peak in the mass and number density distributions, although both
distributions show an extension toward northeast. The high value
for ({sigma}_WL_ in Table 2 indicate that RX J1532.9+3021 is one of
the most massive clusters in our sample.

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