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Notes for object Andromeda V

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1. 2000ApJ...541..675B
Re:Andromeda V
This is an intriguing case not only because of the apparent association
of the H I with the galaxy, but also because the H I is listed as
HVC 368 in the compilation of Wakker & van Woerden (1991). Thus a
measurement of the radial velocity of the galaxy that agrees with the
H I velocity would provide the second firm association of an HVC with a
dSph (see the discussion of Sculptor below). As shown in Figure 2,
however, HVC 368 lies quite close to HVC 287, also known as complex H.
The latter has an angular extent of ~205 deg^2^ and a velocity similar to
that of HVC 368. Blitz et al. (1999) have argued that complex H lies
beyond the ~40 kpc radius of the H I disk of the Galaxy but probably not
far beyond. The proximity of the two clouds and the similarity of their
radial velocities suggests that the smaller cloud may be a fragment of
the larger one and may thus be an unrelated foreground object. In that
case, the probability of a chance coincidence is much higher than the
value of ~10^-2^ for the other dSph galaxies. We present additional
arguments in section 4 as to why this H I cloud might be a chance
superposition. A measurement of the optical velocity would determine
clearly whether or not the H I and the galaxy are associated.

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