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Notes for object NGC 2337

3 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2009A&A...493..871S
Re:UGC 03711
UGC 3711 has twisted isovelocity contours. Because this galaxy is poorly
resolved, it is difficult to determine the cause; the twisted contours may
indicate a kinematic warp, but may also be related to the bar-shaped morphology.

2. 2001A&A...373...12B
Re:NGC 2337
NGC 2337: Bright galaxy with several knotty star-forming regions, of BCD
morphology. Very deep image shown in Makarova & Karachentsev (1998), whose
B_T_ of 13.10 is mildly discordant with ours (13.48, uncorrected for
galactic extinction).

3. 1998A&AS..133..181M
Re:NGC 2337
The galaxy has a significant brightness gradient. Its central region is
shown separately on the insert of Fig. 7. Several blue compact knots are
situated around its bright nucleus. In the outer parts of the galaxy one
can see a faint ring-like polar feature. Being an IRAS source, the
galaxy apparently has a large amount of dust. From the brightest blue
starlike objects (#22, 24 and 29 in Table 6) its distance modulus is
29.48. Note that NGC 2337 and UGC 3698 are separated by 10 arcmin and
have a radial velocity difference of 11 km s^-1^ only. Their similar
distances favour the idea of gravitational binding of these irregular

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