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Notes for object NGC 2500

9 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2008MNRAS.388..500E
Re:UGC 04165
UGC 4165 (NGC 2500, KIG 224). This galaxy belongs to a quartet of galaxies
(Sandage & Bedke 1994). Diffuse H{alpha} emission is observed in our H{alpha}
map, in agreement with James et al. (2004). Its short bar is almost aligned with
its minor kinematical axis. Within the error bar, a good agreement is observed
between the kinematical and morphological inclination. Our H{alpha} velocity
field is in very good agreement with the WHISP data (website). The width of the
H I profile at 20 per cent (101 km s^-1^ from Springob et al. 2005, 114 km s^-1^
from Bottinelli et al. 1990 and 100.9 km s^-1^ from Haynes et al. 1998) is in
agreement with our H{alpha} velocity field amplitude.

2. 2007AJ....134.2286H
Re:KIG 0224
CIG 224: The galaxy was classified as SB(rs)d (NED). The optical images show a
galaxy of flocculent appearance with an outer pseudoring and evidence of a bar.
The composed JHK image is of low signal but still shows an elongated central
region. The total (B - V) color is representative of SdSm types. We classify
this galaxy as RSBd. The photometric I- and JHK-band ({epsilon} and P.A.)
profiles show a bar within the inner 15".

3. 1996AJ....111.1566P
Re:NGC 2500
NGC 2500--Several knots are seen, the brightest of which is located at the
center of the diffuse light distribution. This knot may be unresolved.

4. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 2500
Feb 11/12, 1980
12 min
Individual stars are not as easily resolved
out of the high surface background of the disk in
NGC 2500 as in IC 5332 (panel 259), which has
nearly the same redshift. The HII regions are
numerous and are of high individual surface
brightness. The largest of these has a disk
diameter of about 3".
NGC 2500, with redshift v_o = 713 km/s,
forms a wide quadruple with NGC 2537 (Sc pec;
panel 275; v_o = 513 km/s), NGC 2541 (Sc;
panel 264; v_o = 646 km/s), and NGC 2552 (Sd;
panel 322; v_o = 607 km/s). The separations of
the members of this nearby group are discussed
in the description paragraph for NGC 2541
(panel 264).

5. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 2500
In group with NGC 2541 and NGC 2552.
HII Regions:
Ap. J., 194, 559, 1974.
Distance Modulus:
Ap. J., 194, 559, 1974.

6. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 04165
SB(rs)d (de Vaucouleurs), Sc+ (Holmberg)

7. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 2500
Very small, bright nucleus
in a short bar: 0.6 arcmin x 0.17 arcmin.
Many well resolved, clumpy arms.
Pseudo (r): 0.9 arcmin x 0.9 arcmin.
In a group with NGC 2541 and NGC 2552.

8. 1956AJ.....61...97H
Re:NGC 2500
HMS Note No. 040
Slit on nucleus and double condensation 57 arcsec [south-west].
HMS Note No. 041
Slit on nucleus and double emission patch 33 arcsec [north-east].

9. 1918PLicO..13....9C
Re:NGC 2500
An exceedingly faint, open, irregular spiral about 1.6' in diameter; There is a
very faint stellar nucleus, and a number of almost stellar condensations.
1 s.n. .

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