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Notes for object NGC 2622

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1. 2004MNRAS.350..140S
Re:NGC 2622
2.2.12 Mrk 1218 (NGC 2622) Originally classified as a Seyfert 1.8
(Osterbrock & Dahari 1983), the broad Balmer lines in Mrk 1218 underwent
a large increase in flux between 1981 and 1986, sufficient to change its
spectrum to that of a Seyfert 1. Spectropolarimetric observations were
obtained by Goodrich (1989a) in 1986 and 1987 during this state. In
these data, p({lambda}) increases from =1.5 per cent at 7000{Angstrom}
to =4.5 per cent at 4000{Angstrom}. Local peaks in p are associated with
the broad H{alpha} and H{beta} lines, but appear to be slightly
blueshifted relative to the total flux line profiles (in contrast to the
redshifts seen in Mrk 231 and Mrk 1239). The polarization PA is
approximately constant across the spectrum at {theta}~ 65deg, except in
the red wing of H{alpha} where it rotates by about 10deg. There does not
appear to be a matching rotation in H{beta}. Nagar & Wilson (1999),
citing VLA observations by Ulvestad (1986), note that the radio source
is slightly extended in PA 155deg. However, we have been unable to find
any reference to the quoted PA in the primary source.

2. 1999ApJ...516...97N
Re:NGC 2622
NGC 2622: RC3 lists log R_25_ = 0.24 but does not give a major axis
P.A. A second generation DSS image clearly shows that the galaxy is
interacting with its nearest neighbor, which is at a distance of 1'.

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