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Notes for object WISE J065046.48+250259.5

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1. 2003AJ....125.1060R
Re:1ES 0647+250
The VLBA map (Fig. 7) of this source does not show a distinct jet but there
is some evidence for a faint, diffuse halo around the core, with weak
evidence of elongation of the core to the north at P.A. = -10^degrees^. VLA
snapshot observations (Perlman & Stocke 1993) of this source show a jet
extending to the southwest (P.A. = -124^degrees^) as well as a possible
extension to the northwest; although the reality of the extended structure
is seriously questioned because of the poor quality of this map. A deep VLA
map is necessary to better determine the kpc-scale structure of this
source. Because of the uncertainty of the VLA and VLBA structure a
{DELTA}P.A. for this source is not considered in analysis. The redshift of
1ES 0647+250 is tentative and must be confirmed by further optical

2. 2003A&A...400...95N
Re:RGB J0650+250
0650+250: As in all previous studies, this object remains
unresolved. FK99 note that the tentative redshift 0.203 would lead to a
relatively faint host galaxy.

3. 1999A&A...352...85F
Re:1ES 0647+250
1ES 0647+250: A tentative redshift z = 0.203 has been derived for this
BL Lac, which is unresolved in the NOT images taken with very good
seeing (FWHM 0.65"). It is also unresolved in the HST snapshot survey
(Scarpa et al. 1999b), who derived an upper limit m(host) > 19.1. At
z = 0.203, this corresponds to M(host) > -21.7, i.e. 2 magnitudes
fainter than an average BL Lac host.

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