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Notes for object 4C +34.28B

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1. 1997MNRAS.291..593E
Re:B2 0822+34B
0822+34B. The three crosses in Fig. 2 show the positions of the hotspots and
the radio core. There are two objects close to the radio core, and magnitudes
are given for both in Table 4. The south-eastern object is closer to the core,
and we have assumed that this is the radio galaxy.

2. 1995MNRAS.274..939L
Re:4C +34.28B
0822+34B: Spinrad (Rawlings et al., in preparation) reports an optical ID
coincident with the core on our image.
New features not previously seen in the Ryle Telescope map of Eales
(1985c) are the rotationally symmetric distortion (Type 3 distortion,
Leahy & Williams 1984) of the lobes (possibly indicating backflow of
material from the hotspots) and the two bright clumps in the Np lobe.
These clumps may be bright knots in a jet, though the more northerly of
the two appears slightly resolved.

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