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Notes for object B3 1159+450

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2008MNRAS.391..967L
Re:1WGA J1202.1+444
The VLA A array map (Fig. 8d) shows the core to be surrounded by a small (~10
arcsec) diffuse halo. As the VLA C array map (Fig. 8e) indicates, this halo is
most likely the remainder of an extended radio structure that is resolved out on
these small scales. The observed large-scale radio emission is indicative of an
FR II. Two lobes to each side of the nucleus are visible with the eastern lobe
containing a hotspot. The western lobe appears to have an embedded one-sided
jet, but a VLA B array map would be necessary to confirm this.

2. 2002MNRAS.329..877C
Re:GB6 J1202+4444
91-no spectrum available; classified as BL Lac in Padovani & Giommi

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