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Notes for object WISE J121510.98+073204.7

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1. 2004ApJ...613..752G
Re:2MASX J12151097+0732048
1212+078. This object presents a good alignment between the parsec- and
kiloparsec-scale structure. The jet is oriented at ~90deg and is
detected for 12 mas with the VLBA and almost 50" with the
VLA. Rector et al. (2003) present a VLBA image (1997 May 17) and a deep
B-array VLA image, suggesting a transverse orientation for the extended
structure. A compact feature 40 mas south of the core is present in our
image as well as in that of Rector et al. (2003). It is likely that our
VLA image resolves some of the extended emission, which is also visible
in Perlman et al. (1996) on the opposite side, as well as in the FIRST
and NVSS images.

2. 2003AJ....125.1060R
Re:1ES 1212+078
The VLBA map of this source (Fig. 10) shows a well-collimated jet extending
to the east (P.A. = +92^degrees^). The jet is straight as far as 50 pc; and
it has several discrete components. A deep VLA map of this source (Fig. 11)
shows an unusual, diffuse halo around the source, with no clear evidence of
a jet in any direction. Measuring from the core to the brightest hot spot
gives P.A. = +178^degrees^ and {DELTA}P.A. = 86^degrees^, although this is
highly speculative. However, a very large {DELTA}P.A. does seem likely for
this source.

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