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Notes for object IC 2450

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1. 1995ApJS...99..461N
Re:MRK 1230
MBo93 show Mrk 1230 to be elliptical in shape with an extended nucleus
oriented along the major axis of the galaxy from southeast to northwest.
Table 3 and Figure 15 show that the H{alpha} flux decreases as one moves
along the central object (where source a is the southeastern source and c
is the northwestern). As a result the central object is not the one with
the greatest flux. Also evident from the spectra is that as the flux in
the emission line decreases from southeast to northwest, the flux in the
continuum increases. Source a lies 0.7 kpc from b and c is 0.5 kpc to the
northwest. The smallest velocity difference is between a and b with a
velocity of 10 (+/-20) km s^-1^. The heliocentric velocity decreases from
a to c implying rotation but all velocity differences are consistent with
zero. Table 4 indicates that the maximum possible velocity of rotation
between a and c, spanning the inner 1.2 kpc of Mrk 1230, is 178 km s^-1^.
The heliocentric velocity of source b indicates a distance from the sun of
23 Mpc.

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