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Notes for object IC 1586

3 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2006ApJS..164...52S
Re:IC 1586
This galaxy was observed only in the radio. The 3.6 cm image (Fig. 14, top
left), shows two faint blobs, separated by ~7" in the NE-SW direction.

2. 1971CGPG..C...0000Z
Re:CGPG 0045.3+2206
IC 1586
III Zw 012
Blue, elliptical compact, with a ragged edge.
Patchy very faint halo.
Spectrum: Absorption lines of H and K
Sharp emission lines of H and {lambda}3727
= +5,820 km/sec
Literature: Zwicky 1965b
Sargent, W.L.W., 1970, Ap. J., 160, 405
m(pg) = 14.9 [CGCG]

3. 1971Afz.....7..299M
Re:MRK 0347
= III Zw 012, Sargent [4].
Compact structure somewhat elongated along Dec.

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