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Notes for object NGC 2880

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1. 2012ApJ...754...67F
Re:NGC 2880
NGC 2880 .LB.-..-The bulge morphology is classical in HST F555W. Erwin (2004)
finds indication of a weak inner disk but acknowledges that this is the weakest
case in his sample. The velocity dispersion profile rises centrally with a weak
non-symmetric shelf-like structure inward of ~=4". The h_3_ moments are
anti-correlated with velocity within the bulge.

2. 2005MNRAS.364..283E
Re:NGC 2880
NGC 2880. Outer profile is non-exponential, flattening at large radii (probably
dominated by bulge light). The inclination is based on the region of maximum
ellipticity, where the disc appears to dominate (r~= 50 arcsec), but no clear
slope can be determined.

3. 2004A&A...415..941E
Re:NGC 2880
NGC 2880 (inner disk): Erwin (2000); see Erwin & Sparke (2003).

4. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 2880
Nov 6/7, 1980
12 min
NGC 2880 has a three-zone form, with each
of three zonal isophotes tilted relative to its
neighbor. The central, high-surface-brightness
regions (the central zone seen well in the insert)
has a major axis at position angles of about 4 and
10 o'clock in the orientation of the print here.
The intermediate envelope, also shown well in the
insert, has a major-axis position angle at about
5:30 and 11:30 o'clock. This intermediate
component is seen as the central region of the main
print (the true central nuclear region shown in
the insert is burned out). The outer envelope (the
disk?) in the main print again has the major-axis
orientation of the central nuclear region. The
intermediate region is, then, the bar.
NGC 2880 is the subtlest galaxy with this
morphology, In the literature of the 1990's, the
form is generally called "twisted isophotes."
More-prominent illustrations of the pattern are
NGC 4483 at the right on this page and NGC
3412 on the next panel, where the pattern of
three zones with very different orientation is

5. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 05051
SB0- (de Vaucouleurs)
09 25.7 +62 46 at 3.2, 10, 0.35 x 0.35, very compact, m= 15.1

6. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 2880
Small, very bright nucleus in a short bar [aligned] near the minor axis.
See also M.N.R.A.S., 74, 238, 1914.
Ap. J., 85, 325, 1937.

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