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Notes for object NGC 2893

6 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2001ApJS..136..393C
Re:MRK 0401
Mrk 401. - B-R. The color map shows a spiral-like galaxy with a red
nucleus and a bluer disk.

2. 2001ApJS..133..321C
Re:MRK 0401
4.1.14. Mrk 401
This object resembles a small spiral galaxy. Structures resembling small
spiral arms depart from the very compact starburst nucleus.

3. 1993AJ....106.1405P
Re:NGC 2893
NGC 2893. This galaxy has a bright semistellar nuclear emission-line
source with an H II regionlike spectrum, and has been identified as a UV-
excess source by Markarian & Lipovetsky (1971; Mrk 401). Most of the
H{alpha} emission is concentrated into the inner 28" of the galaxy
(D/D_0_ = 0.42), and dominated by the nuclear emission, though discrete
bright H II regions can be seen along the major axis of the inner stellar
isophotes [Fig. 3(a)].

4. 1986AnTok..212.127T
Re:KUG 0927+297
Total color is rather red for a Markarian galaxy due to its large bulge.

5. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 2893
= MRK 0401
Brightest galaxy in a group.
Spectrophotometry and HI 21cm:
Astr. Ap., 41, 61, 1975.

6. 1971Afz.....7..299M
Re:MRK 0401
Elliptical shape. The major axis is inclined 15-20 deg to the west.

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