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Notes for object HI 1225+01

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1. 1993AJ....105..128T
Re:[GH89] 1225+01
Dw 1225+01. Dw 1225+01 is the H I rich object discovered by
Giovanelli & Haynes (1989) in the direction of the Virgo cluster.
It consists of two main clumps surrounded by a common halo of
H I. Within the more massive component lies a faint (M_B_ =
-15.49) blue dwarf irregular galaxy, while no optical emission was
detected from the secondary component (Salzer et at. 1991). There
is great uncertainty in the distance due to the proximity of the
Virgo cluster. The observed radial velocity can contain a
sizeable contribution from infall into the cluster, making it
difficult to derive a distance. Impey et al. pointed out that the
system lies in the triple-valued region for velocity distance
relations near the Virgo cluster and estimated the distance as
between 5-9 Mpc. Giovanelli and Haynes assumed a distance of 20
Mpc, and Giovanelli et al. (1991) warn of the problems in
assigning a distance. Salzer et al. (1991) find a distance of
10.7 Mpc more reasonable, but derive its properties for several
distances. A distance of 10 Mpc is used in this paper. In Table 4
the values given are from Giovanelli et al. (1991), but scaled to
a distance of 10 Mpc.

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