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Notes for object NGC 7592A

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1. 1997A&A...319...52V
Re:NGC 7592W
Mark 928W. Mark 928 or NGC 7592 is the interactive system VV 731
(Vorontsov-Velyaminov, 1977), well illustrated by Mazzarella & Boroson (1993).
The western component has been classified as a Seyfert 2 galaxy by Arkhipova
et al. (1981), Denisyuk & Lipovetski (1983) and Mazzarella & Boroson (1993).
However, for Dahari (1985), it is a marginal Seyfert or a Seyfert/Liner because
of the low value of the {lambda}5007/H{beta} ratio (~3). Lonsdale et al. (1992)
have published line ratios for this object: {lambda}5007/H{beta}=2.84,
{lambda}6584/H{alpha}=0.66, {lambda}6300/H{alpha}=0.10, making it a rather
marginal object. Our spectra (Figs. 3,5) clearly show the presence of a HII
region (FWHM ~250 km s^-1^, {lambda}5007/H{beta}=0.99, {lambda}6584/H{alpha}=
0.41) and of a Seyfert 2 nebulosity(FWHM ~340 km s^-1^, {lambda}5007/H{beta}>7,
{lambda}6584/H{alpha}=1.04). A third component is needed to obtain good fits;
however, the velocity and width of this third Component are significantly
different for the blue and red spectra (Table 5); this is not understood. Mark
928E is a pure HII region, with FWHM ~280 km s^-1^, {lambda}5007/H{beta}=0.67,
{lambda}6584/H{alpha}=0.33. It had been called a HII region by Dahari &
de Robertis (1988) and a Liner by Mazzarella & Boroson (1993).

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