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Notes for object NGC 3009

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1. 2001A&A...378..370V
Re:NGC 3009
NGC 3009: our narrow "detection" seen in Fig. 1b is in fact spurious and
due to radio interference, which occurs in the H polarization only. The
upper limit listed in Table 6 was derived from the unaffected V
polarization data only. This Sc spiral was reported as detected at
Green Bank by Haynes et al. (1988), who noted that their spectrum is
probably confused with NGC 3010, which lies well outside the Nancay beam.
Their spectrum shows a broad component between ~4470 and 4900 km s^-1^ at
the 8 mJy level and a narrow (~120 km s^-1^ FWHM) 17 mJy peak at
~4570 km s^-1^. As the optical velocities of NGC 3009 and 3010 are
4604 +/- 50 and 4401 +/- 44 km s^-1^, respectively (LEDA), the association
of the 4570 km s^-1^ peak with NGC 3009 seems plausible; surprisingly,
we did not detect this peak with our 2.9 mJy rms noise level.

2. 1999ApJS..121..445T
Re:KUG 0947+445A
KUG 0947+445A (NGC 3009, IRAS F09470+4431)
A morphological index is not given in the RC3. We estimate a value of
T~4. This galaxy has four arms, with the one in the north being less
developed than the others. The appearance is rather smooth with no
prominent H II regions. It lies in a loose group and has small
companions at almost the same redshifts, but without any tidal

3. 1999ApJS..121..445T
Re:KUG 0947+445A
This galaxy is a spiral but has a rather strange shape consisting of
four separate arms or two arms with a bar crossing between them. In
addition, it is as small as a compact galaxy. Despite its morphological
peculiarity, its disk parts have rather old stellar colors,
corresponding to the several x 10^8^ yr phase of the 1%-10% burst mass
tracks. Its bulge (labeled "5") has the same color as its disk parts,
though the color is not so blue that it would be regarded as a nuclear

4. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 05264
UGC 05264 at 4.6 north-following-following
UGC 05250 at 20. south-preceding

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