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Notes for object NGC 3094

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1. 2008ApJ...679.1094T
Re:NGC 3094
NGC 3094 is a barred Sa galaxy that does not appear to be obviously disturbed in
the optical. In H I (Fig. 8), we detected NGC 3094 and also PGC 2806972, a
relatively faint galaxy that lies ~7.5^'^ (~78 kpc) to the east of NGC 3094. PGC
2806972 has no previously reported optical redshift.
NGC 3094 exhibits an H I protrusion on the southeastern side that is
kinematically discontinuous from its H I disk. A close examination of the
channel maps (Fig. 9) reveals that this protrusion is physically linked to NGC
3904. These channel maps also reveal prominent north-south extensions over a
narrow velocity range not seen in the moment maps; these extensions are
orthogonal to the H I kinematic axis of the galaxy. There are no cataloged
galaxies at the location of this protrusion, nor any optical counterpart visible
in the DSS2 image. It is possible that this protrusion is an incomplete tidal
bridge caused by interactions with PGC 2806972.

2. 2005ApJ...630..269N
Re:NGC 3094
NGC 3094. While our data for this object are sufficiently noisy that a double
peak is not clear, higher resolution data from Yao et al. (2003) show the
double peak to be evident. Imanishi (2000) classifies this object has having a
highly obscured AGN.

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