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Notes for object WISE J172359.42+765311.5

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 1996A&AS..115....1S
Re:S5 1726+76
1726+769: The optical spectrum and redshift have been given in Stickel & Kuhr

2. 1994A&AS..105...67S
Re:S5 1726+76
1726+769: Three broad emission lines are detected in the optical spectrum
of 1726+769, which have been identified with Mg II {lambda}2798, H{gamma}
{lambda}4340 and H{beta} {lambda}4861 at z = 0.680. Remarkably, no narrow
[O III] {lambda}{lambda}4959, 5007 emission lines appear to be present.
Nevertheless, the identification the broad emission lines seems fairly
certain because of the characteristic continuum depression redward of Mg
II {lambda}2798, which can also be seen in the spectra of 1520+725 and

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