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Notes for object NGC 3162

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1. 2008MNRAS.388..500E
Re:UGC 05510
UGC 5510 (NGC 3162, NGC 3575). Our H{alpha} rotation curve seems to reach a
plateau just before the optical radius (D_25_/2) although the velocities for the
receding side are still increasing beyond. No H I velocity field is available.
The width of the H I profile at 20 per cent (204 km s^-1^ from van Driel et al.
2001 and 187 km s^-1^ from Bottinelli et al. 1990) is in agreement with our
H{alpha} velocity field.

2. 2005ApJS..160...76B
Re:NGC 3162
Low S/N and typical discordance. Clear rotation and irregular {sigma}_*_ field.
Significant difference between extended and central apertures. There are central
asymmetries in the LOSVD. These are the first measures of {sigma}_*_ in NGC
3162. See Figures 13 and 15c.

3. 2003AJ....126..742H
Re:NGC 3162
The morphological classification as determined by us is indicated in
parentheses next to the galaxy name, with our "chaotic circumnuclear
dust" (C) category now not including those galaxies with obvious dust
lanes (DL). Where the classification has already been made by Martini
et al. (2003), we indicate this with "-mp."
3.12. NGC 3162
Figure 6 (top).
Spectra: A continuum is present only in the NUC spectrum. H{alpha} and
one [N II] line are present in all spectra. There is some evidence of

4. 2001A&A...378..370V
Re:NGC 3162
NGC 3162: Four of the six available integrated line fluxes of this object
are in agreement (~26 Jy km s^-1^), the exceptions being the considerably
higher Nancay value (44.1 Jy km s^-1^) of Bottinelli et al. (1982) and the
considerably lower (6.2 Jy km s^-1^) Arecibo value of Williams & Rood
(1987), whose W_20_ of 605 km s^-1^ is about three times larger than the
other available values.

5. 2001A&A...368...16M
Re:NGC 3162
16. NGC 3162 is an Sbc spiral of low inclination. One arm is prominent, the
other one much weaker. This could be a consequence of an interaction.
Nevertheless we obtained a good fit with good residua (Fig. 4 in on-line

6. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 3162
Feb 5/6, 1956
103aO + GG13
20 min
The inner arm pattern in NGC 3162 has a
high surface brightness that abruptly decreases
after slightly more than half a rotation, forming
at that point the very faint outer arm pattern.
The redshift is v_o = 1223 km/s.

7. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 05510
SAB(rs)bc (de Vaucouleurs)

8. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 3162
Small, very bright nucleus. Pseudo (r): 0.5 arcmin x 0.3 arcmin. 2 main
knotty arms with many branches. Asymmetric outer part.
Uppsala 21, Heidelberg Veroff. Vol. 9, 1926, and Lund 9 dimensions are for
the bright part only.

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