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Notes for object NGC 3241

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1. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 3241
Feb 2/3, 1979
103aO + GG385
45 min
NGC 3241 is in the complex Antlia region
of the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster. It is about
3^deg^ north of the compact Antlia Cluster proper
(Ferguson and Sandage 1990), which has a mean
redshift of = 2786 km/s. The redshift of
NGC 3241 is v_o = 2584 km/s. Hopp and
Materne (1985) identify six groups in the 10 x
10 degree region (they give a map) with a range
of redshifts from 2700 to 4500 km/s. Evidently,
NGC 3241 has the kinematics of the compact
central Antlia Cluster itself.
The very-high-surface-brightness inner
arms in NGC 3241 nearly overlap, forming an
almost complete ring. However, the individual
pieces that form the tight inner spiral fragments
themselves are hard to trace as two main arms (as
in the Sa prototype of this form in NGC 3081 or
NGC 3185); rather, three fragments start tangent
to the relatively smooth inner disk and, as
they unwind, branch and nearly overlap to form
the thick inner near-ring. The inner bright arm
fragments are lumpy, and the HII regions are
unresolved at the 1" level.
Faint outer arms that also contain HII
regions branch from the bright inner set.

2. 1985SGC...C...0000C
Re:NGC 3241
Plate 530
Overexposed center, (r): 0.55 x 0.50, thin arms like NGC 2841.
Plate 2919
Overexposed center and bar, bright (r): 0.6 x 0.45, pretty smooth arms
with many faint knots. Several stars superposed. Pretty bright
star 1.5 north-preceding.

3. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 3241
Small, bright nucleus. (r): 0.75 arcmin x 0.45 arcmin.
Dimensions are for the bright part only.

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