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Notes for object SN 1895B

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1. 1999AJ....118.2331V
Re:SN 1895B
Several F255W images and a single 500 s F606W image are available
for this galaxy before our cutoff date. The galaxy has been the host of
two bright SNe Ia, 1895B and 1972E. Unfortunately, the site of SN 1972E
was not in either set of images. We consider here the environment of
SN 1895B, adopting the absolute position (uncertainty 2" radius) of the
SN from Caldwell & Phillips (1989). In the F255W image the SN is far
from the very active star formation taking place near the center of the
galaxy, as traced by the UV-bright stars. From PSF-fitting photometry of
the F606W image (see Gorjian 1996) we find that the stars near the SN
site have magnitudes m_F606W_ ~ 24 mag; the faintest among these have
m_F606W_ ~ 25.5 mag. The fact that these stars have no detectable
counterparts on the deeper UV image implies that they are probably red.
Assuming the distance modulus (m - M = 28.08) to NGC 5253 determined
using Cepheids by Saha et al. (1995), these stars have M_F606W_ ~ -4.1
to -2.6 mag, consistent with bright red giants and fainter supergiants.

2. 1999A&AS..138..253B
Re:SN 1895B
NGC 5253 - SN 1895B, 1972E: no R band observations are available. Some
structure is present close to the location of SN 1895B. Some patches are
also visible near the location of SN 1972E. SN 1895B is also on the edge
of some WFPC-2 images. As single images in different filters were found
the image quality of the summed image is not optimal. We can see some
structure in the surroundings of the supernova but this HST imaging does
not contribute additional information on the presence of reflected

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