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Notes for object SN 1914A

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1. 1999A&AS..138..253B
Re:SN 1914A
NGC 4321 (M100) - SNe 1901B, 1914A, 1959E, 1979C: all environments show
relatively bright and blue patches of light. The SN 1979C environment is
possibly the most promising, as it is known from radio observations to
be characterized by a dense environment (Weiler et al. 1981; Weiler et
al. 1986). This SN has also been optically identified. Only in this one
case (in this galaxy) is an emission patch clearly visible within
5 arcsec from the SN nominal position. Less compelling evidence has been
gathered for the other supernovae. SN 1979C is classified as a candidate
(see Table 3). The positions of SNe 1959E and 1979C are also identified
on some archival WFPC-2 observations. Multiple sources are present in
the immediate surroundings of the SNe. Many may well be star clusters,
others more directly related to the SN event. For example we know the
optical counterpart to SN 1979C has been identified among all other
sources (Van Dyk, private communication).

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