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Notes for object SN 1926A

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1. 1999AJ....118.2331V
Re:SN 1926A
A pair of 80s F606W WFPC2 exposures of NGC 4303 was available.
Three SNe II occurred in this galaxy: SN 1926A, SN 1961I, and SN 1964F.
Unfortunately, the site of SN 1961I is not on these images. (We consider
SN 1964F in section 3.1.3.) To find the site of SN 1926A on the HST
image, we determined the position of the nucleus of NGC 4303 and used
the nuclear offset, 11" west and 69" north, given in the online Asiago
SN catalog; the uncertainty is assumed to be 10".
Van Dyk et al. (1996) found that this SN was associated with an
H II region of about 4" radius, offset from the nucleus by 8" west and
70" north. Within the large error circle, we find that the SN appears to
have occurred near two spiral arms, with several small clusters and
associations of stars near the site. A small cluster to the west of the
SN's nominal position contains stars with F606W magnitudes that range
from about 23.4 to 24.4. Assuming a distance modulus m - M = 30.91
(Tully 1988), these imply V ~ -7.5 to -6.5, corresponding to bright
(presumably massive) supergiant stars.

2. 1999A&AS..138..253B
Re:SN 1926A
NGC 4303 - SNe 1926A, 1961I, 1964F: at all these sites some features are
present. From visual inspection and its blue color, the faint arc-shaped
patch at the SN 1926A site looks promising. It is brighter than a
3{sigma} detection limit. The extended, bright, round patch at the site
of SN 1961I is quite likely to be a HII region or young open cluster.
SN 1926A is classified as a candidate (see Table 3). Both SNe 1926A and
1964F are visible in the WFPC-2 images of the host galaxy. We believe we
can confirm what we noticed in our ground based observations.

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