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Notes for object SN 1945A

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1. 1999AJ....118.2331V
Re:SN 1945A
A single 230s F547M image and a pair of 700 s F218W images is
available for NGC 5195. We used the nuclear offset position for the
SN I 1945A (6" west and 4" south) from the online Asiago catalog. Dust
lanes cut across the diffuse starlight in the SN environment. The
deeper F218W image is completely blank in this field, indicating no
detectable UV emission from stars or nebulae in this environment and
implying either a possible lack of recent star formation or appreciable
extinction, or both. The extinction toward NGC 5195 has been estimated
to be between A_V_ = 1.3 (Thronson, Rubin, & Ksir 1991) and A_V_ = 2.0
(Smith et al. 1990), at least partly because of dust from the arm of
NGC 5194 obscuring the nucleus of NGC 5195 (Zwicky 1957; Van Dyk 1987).
Based on the environmental evidence, it is not certain to which subclass
SN 1945A belongs; however, its probable lack of association with massive
star formation suggests a SN Ia.

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