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Notes for object SN 1950B

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1. 1999A&AS..138..253B
Re:SN 1950B
NGC 5236 (M83) - SNe 1923A, 1950B, 1957D, 1968L, 1983N: all patches at
all locations appear to be very bright and blue (both in the B-V and in
the V-R colors). At the site of SN 1983N two compact patches are
visible. Note that the positions of these supernovae are known
accurately (see Sect. 4.1). In all these cases the SN star progenitors
are likely to have been massive (two SNe are confirmed Type II's and one
is a Type Ib; SN 1957D is likely to be a Type II, as possibly inferred
from the radio data, see Weiler et al. 1986). Around such progenitors
dense circumstellar and possibly interstellar environments are expected,
thus allowing for the formation of light echoes. The best bets may be
SNe 1957D and 1983N. SNe 1957D and 1983N are classified as candidates
(see Table 3).

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