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Notes for object SN 1980K

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1. 1999A&AS..138..253B
Re:SN 1980K
NGC 6946/field A+field B - SNe 1917A, 1939C, 1948B, 1968D, 1969P,
1980K: at the sites of SNe 1948B, 1968D and 1980K some patches are
located: they all are bright and quite blue. SN 1980K is likely the
most interesting of all SNe in this galaxy; in fact from all the data
collected at radio wavelengths over a long period of time (Weiler et al.
1986, 1991) and from the fact that its optical counterpart has also been
identified, it appears a good candidate to look at because of dense
circumstellar and interstellar environments. At the sites of SNe 1917A
and 1969P bright blue patches are observed. Star-like objects appear in
the environment. In the case of SN 1939C some objects are visible as
well. SNe 1917A, 1969P and 1980K are classified as candidates
(see Table 3).

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