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Notes for object SN 1988M

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1. 1999AJ....118.2331V
Re:SN 1988M
SN 1988M, discovered by Filippenko, Shields, & Sargent (1988),
occurred in NGC 4496B (cz = 4510 km s^-1^), an optical double to
NGC 4496A (cz = 1730 km s^-1^), the host galaxy of SN Ia 1960F (see
section 3.3.7). NGC 4496A,B were imaged as part of a project to measure
a Cepheid-based distance to SN 1960F (Saha et al. 1996a), so a large
number of F555W and F814W images are available. These were combined to
provide very deep images in both bands. We show the SN environment in
the F555W image in Figure 6. The position is based on a nuclear offset
(12.5" south), measured accurately from a two-dimensional spectrum
including the SN by Filippenko et al. (1988); the uncertainty in the
measurement is likely +/-3". However, comparing to ground-based images
of these galaxies, the SN environment is very near the edge of the WFPC2
chip, so we conservatively assign an uncertainty of 5" to the SN
position in the HST image. The SN appears to have occurred along a
faint extension of a spiral arm in NGC 4496B. Several very faint stars
can be barely resolved by DAOPHOT in the environment, and they appear to
be quite red; however, the extinction is unknown. SN 1988M may have
occurred among these red stars, either supergiants or reddened OB stars,
with ages possibly as young as about 20 Myr.

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