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Notes for object SN 1989B

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1. 1999AJ....118.2331V
Re:SN 1989B
A pair of F606W images of NGC 3627 was obtained (see section
3.1.11). We show the SN Ia 1989B environment in Figure 21, based on the
absolute SN position from the Sternberg SN catalog. The SN occurred
along an inner spiral arm in an environment of bright stellar objects,
diffuse emission, and dust, consistent with the relatively large
reddening (E[B-V] = 0.37 mag) found by Wells et al. (1994) from the SN
light curves. The resolved stars within the 2" radius error circle have
m_F606W_ = 22.0 to 20.9 mag, which for a distance modulus m - M = 30.28
(section 3.1.11), correspond to M_V_ ~ -8.3 to -9.4 mag; these are
either extremely luminous single stars or, more likely, small compact
star clusters.

2. 1999A&AS..138..253B
Re:SN 1989B
NGC 3627 - SNe 1973R, 1989B: in the case of SN 1973R a bright blue
elongated object is visible. Almost at the location of SN 1989B a
roundish fuzzy and very blue (in both B-V and V-R) patch of light is
present. The emission we see is within a 3{sigma} detection limit. Both
SN environments are part of spiral arms and very crowded. On the basis
of our selection criteria, both supernovae are classified as candidates
(see Table 3).

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